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    Jimmy Fallon comes up with some of the best sketches for late night tv. I’m always on the ground laughing so hard I’m Crying

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  • 8 Celebs without makeup (This Could Get Ugly!)

    Lindsay Lohan


    Everyone love her cute freckles and wild locks. Makeup free Lindsay is just as beautiful!

    Gwenyth Paltro


    A style icon for sure when she’s on the red carpet. In this self she looks like a gorgeous makeup fee cowgirl ready to ride!

    Jessica Alba


    She works hard for her body like this picture shoes but she’s also naturally beautiful just finishing her work out. July 22, 2014 via Instagram



    She shares with her fans what it means to be gorgeous without makeup! Instagram July 1, 2014

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    8 Celebs without makeup (This Could Get Ugly!)

    Most of us wouldn’t dream of stepping out the door without our ‘face on’. And if you do leave the house without makeup it’s only to get gas or go to Walmart to get that item you can’t get anywhere else. These celebs were brave enough to show the world what they look like without makeup.

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  • 8 Celebs without makeup (This Could Get Ugly!)

    Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting


    Kaley shares a ‘pre-makeup’ selfie on her Instagram on Jan 15, 2015 with the caption
    “@sanctionedjohnnygalecki and I working hard today. We need hair and makeup. Badly.”

    Lady Gaga


    Beneath the elaborate costumes and layers of makeup is a really beautiful lady!
    This Image form her instagram on Jan 15, 2015 proves it.

    Demi Lavato


    She’s trying to start a beauty trend to not wear makeup on Monday’s. She writes on Instagram “Forgot to post this a while back…
    Let’s start a new Twitter/Instagram trend: #NoMakeupMonday… Why?
    Cause we deserve to show the world our beauty and our confidence!!!” Would you join her?

    Hilary Duff


    Hilary embraces and effortless makeup free weekend look

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    8 Celebs without makeup (This Could Get Ugly!)

    Most of us wouldn’t dream of stepping out the door without our ‘face on’. And if you do leave the house without makeup it’s only to get gas or go to Walmart to get that item you can’t get anywhere else. These celebs were brave enough to show the world what they look like without makeup.

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  • 10 Celeb Cases That Chivalry Isn’t Dead

    1. Joshua Jackson holding an umbrella for Diane Kruger at the Golden Globes!



    2. Ben Affleck takes wife, Jennifer Garner, out for a coffee run. Jennifer gleams with joy from this simple date.



    3. Scott Disick opens Kourtney Kardashian’s door. This a simple act of kindness all gentlemen should do!



    4. Joshua Jackson makes sure Diane Kruger isn’t carrying any bags at the airport!

    Diane & Joshua Arrive In Paris


    5. Kanye carries all of Kim’s shopping bags while they walk to the car.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.27.41 PM


    6. Trinny Woodall’s new man isn’t embarrassed to carry a woman’s purse around, as long as Trinny doesn’t have to.



    7. Johnny Depp puts out his arm to ensure his fiancée doesn’t trip on the red carpet.



    8. George Clooney has a sturdy grip on Stacy Keibler as she steps onto his boat for a sail!



    9. A lot of times we see the mom carrying the kids, but not Elsa Pataky. Chris Hemsworth carries their
    baby as the head to lunch

    . FFN-Hemsworth_Chris_GLO_072212-50839753


    10. Gwen Stefani’s man knows how to make her smile, with some beautiful red roses!



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    10 Celeb Cases That Chivalry Isn’t Dead

    Guess what! Chivalry is not dead, and these celebrity pictures prove it! That’s right ladies, leading men all over Hollywood are setting an example for men everywhere to treat ladies with the respect they deserve! They are holding doors open and keeping the rain from ruining female star’s beautiful dresses while they get wet! I thought chivalry...

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  • 8 Time Saving Thanksgiving Hacks


    1 – Make Easy Single Serving Stuffing Muffins for Maximum Crispiness


    Everyone loves perfectly crispy stuffing and making them in muffin tins does just that! Plus, once you pop them out they are already single serving size


    2 – Wash Your Potatoes In The Dish Washer!


    Do you need to wash a bushel of potatoes this year? We’ve go the easiest solution. In fact it’s so easy that we’re surprised we didn’t think of it ourselves! Place all you potatoes in a clean dishwasher and stand amazed as it does all the hard work!

    3 – Tape Recipes Up On You Cabinets


    Print out all your recipes for things you have to make day of and tape them to a cabinet door or your refrigerator. This gives you easy access with out having to work around or worry about spilling on the recipe. It also allows you to point helpers at an item and let them do the rest.


    4 – Use a Wine glass to cut out biscuits


    There is more than one use for a wine glass. For get trying to find the perfect cookie cutter for your biscuits and just grab an empty wine glass for perfectly shaped biscuits every time!


    5 – Prep your Veggies the day before and store in the fridge


    Cut up all your veggies the day or even 2 ahead so all you have to do is throw stuff together on the day! Need Onions for 3 different dishes cut them all the day before and store in individual zip lock bags marked with the dish name.


    6 – Make You Turkey In The Crock Pot


    Having a smaller Thanksgiving? Then skip making the whole turkey and try making a large turkey breast in the crock pot.

    7 – Make sure you have containers ready for left overs


    You can go fancy with a leftovers station and labels or just buy some sheep plastic containers. Spread the left over love so you don’t get stuck with left overs for weeks!


    8 – Keep Apples from Browning with Canada Dry


    There are several ways to keep apples looking fresh but I think this is by far my favorite! Keep your apple slices from going brown with adding the extra lemon that can sometimes make them too tart!



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    8 Time Saving Thanksgiving Hacks

    Thanksgiving is almost here and most are stressing out about all the Time it takes to put on the perfect Thanksgiving meal. There’s the turkey, the potatoes, the dressing, the gravy, and that doesn’t even include PIE! Do you feel bad about having people bring dishes or do you welcome the help? Well large family or small we’re sure these t...

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    Toaster scares cat in epic 4 second video. That’s right it takes 4 seconds to scare a cat off a counter. You may have to watch this video twice to catch the toast popping and cat freaking out!

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    Toaster Surprises Cat

    If you need a quick laugh then this video is for you. WARNING don’t blink! You may have to watch this twice… keep your eyes on the toaster. When the toast pops the cat who’s minding his own business (what ever that may be) jumps and falls off the counter! Now watch it again and focus on the cat.  You can’t help but giggle! Cats are...

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    Birds are a dogs best friend. At least for these Great Danes that’s true. Spike the cockatoo steals Milk-Bones for his canine buddies. They sure have him trained well!

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    This Bird Sneaks Treats For His Buddies!

    Spike the Umbrella Cockatoo is a dog’s best friend watch as he feeds the Great Danes Milk-Bones one right after another. I’ve heard that cockatoo’s are sneaky little devils and it seems that Spike is no different! These owners are going to need to lock up the bones if they don’t want their Great Danes sneaking treats with Spike̵...

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    Pets can be such stinkers! Don’t leave anything you love or want later out cause they’ll steal it or chew it up!

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    Aiko ate the cheese and is ashamed of it… maybe

    Ever wonder what happens to cheese left out on the counter? Maybe it was Aiko. This cutie pie seems to have gotten herself in trouble with her owner and man does she look guilty. I didn’t even know that dogs liked cheese! Don’t let her sweetness fool you the evidence is all over the floor. I guess this guy will know better next time not to leav...

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    Children debating the weather rain vs. sprinkling and it touches his tender heart! This kid is going to grow up to be a real sweat heart. What do you think? Are they all still daycare friends?

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    Toddler Weather Debate Gets Heated

    These toddlers get in a heated debate on whether it’s raining or sprinkling outside. You can’t blame them since their mommies to told them two different words for the same thing. The third little girl tries to play mediator and keep every one calm. Things escalate when the poking starts and so does the cuteness! The little girl insisting that i...

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    Baby Seal is determined to surf with it’s new friends.

    Baby seal steal the surf board from the two surfers. Matthew Stanley together with his friend is having a surfing session in the waves when this cute baby seal interrupts them. It surprised them when the seal climbs up to their surf board that leaves them no choice but to watch the cute seal. Watch this lovable baby seal tries to sneak into the surfers sur...

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    We all know how she feels! You’re having a bad day and then ‘the song’ comes on and suddenly you’re okay for a while. Everyone has that one song that just gets to us.

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    My Rottweiler loves to take showers!

    It’s always fun to see the different habits of Dogs and this… this is just one of my favorites! Dogs in water is just the cutest! Lena the Rottweiler dog just can’t get enough of the water. She always hopped in to the bath tub every time her owner is done. She will then sit and just stays there with the shower on. She loves it so much tha...

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    Sheep and Elephant are Best Friends

    These two are an unlikely duo but they get along just fine.  The elephant is trying to be friendly to the Sheep when he first arrived in the barn. But sheep keeps on running away but he just gave in after a few hours. Now, they are best friends. Both eats together, plays together, and even helping one another. They only have each other in the barn that ma...

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