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    She Starts By Drawing Eyebrows On Her Cheeks…When She Finishes?! I Can’t See Straight! Yikes!

    I’ve watched this video twice, and I can’t pinpoint the spot where it transforms her face from normal into one “trippy” experience! This is blowing my mind! I’m always on the lookout for Halloween costumes…especially EASY costumes! The best ones are the ones that don’t even require a costume. This year, I’m w...

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    No, These Aren’t Jewels, They’re Marbles! Find Out How To Create This Magical Craft For Yourself!

    While this does look fairly complicated, the method is super simple! I remember doing these when I was a kid, only we called them “fried marbles” because we “fried” them in a skillet on the stove. My mom really trusted us now that I think about it! This method of using the oven is much safer and I may try this again soon to relive t...

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    Honda Hired An Artist To Create Their Newest Commercial. They Took Animation To A Whole New Level!!

    Have you ever made a flip book? Maybe you didn’t dedicate an entire pad of paper to creating a mini comic, but perhaps you drew a stick figure walking in the corner of a textbook at school, or drew a star over and over so that it looked like it was twinkling. To most of us, we just call it “doodling.” Its something we do when we’re ...

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