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    What did you think of this list? Did these styles meet your expectations, or did you think that they missed a few styles? I was waiting for the thin aviators or the colored sunglasses, but I guess those didn’t make enough of an impact on style history! Like and share this video with your friends! I really liked this!

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    She Starts By Drawing Eyebrows On Her Cheeks…When She Finishes?! I Can’t See Straight! Yikes!

    I’ve watched this video twice, and I can’t pinpoint the spot where it transforms her face from normal into one “trippy” experience! This is blowing my mind! I’m always on the lookout for Halloween costumes…especially EASY costumes! The best ones are the ones that don’t even require a costume. This year, I’m w...

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    Fix A Broken Nail Instantly! No Need To File Everything Down To Match! I Wish I Had Thought Of This…

    Breaking a nail always seems to happen at the worst possible times! Just before a big interview, after a long day of running errands, at the pool, or sometimes it can break off simply by grabbing a door handle in the wrong way. No one likes to break off a nail – especially when the rest of them are perfect! I always hated this because my nails take F...

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    These People Have Visible Genetic Conditions, And This Photographer LOVES Them For It!

    As with all artists, they are always on the lookout for something to inspire them. Some search their entire lives and never find it. Some find it after they’ve given up on their dream, and some ignore it in favor of something more profitable. But what if you’re an artist and have already done the “profitable” thing? Being a fashion ...

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    Get Rid Of Dark Circles Instantly With This Insane Trick! Do It Yourself With Products You Already Own!

    For women of all skin colors, dark circles can be a pain to get rid of. Over the counter concealer can make those dusky shadows look more orange than skin-tone and they take so many layers that the product can cake around any wrinkles that we might be trying to cover up. I’ve tried the “cold spoon” method, where you place a frozen spoon o...

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